Installation & Integration

Design, installation and set-up of infrastructure and software on a project basis.

Installation & Integration

What we offer

  • Systems architecture and detailed design of ICT infrastructure, infrastructure-orientated software and business software.
  • Physical installation of equipment and cabling.
  • Configuration of operating systems and back-end infrastructure services.
  • Installation of your preferred business applications and integration into your existing or new environment.

Benefits of our services

  • Expert design

    Before we deliver any technology, we first ensure through proper architecture and design that the proposed solution will best fulfil your needs.
  • Consultative approach

    As part of the design stage we consult this design with you to ensure the maximum suitability of the proposed IT solution.
  • Comprehensive solution

    We endeavour to provide a complete solution and considering the suitability of the infrastructure for the required software, as well as adjacent topics such a power and cooling.
  • Transparency

    Our delivery is planned on a project basis including planning time-line and budgets to ensure you have full visibility of work before it starts.

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