Selection of software is a fundamental decision. Our job is to help you with it so you can focus on your business.


What we offer

  • Expert advice on what options you have in the areas of system monitoring, data back up, how to choose then install and configure your software, which software you need for the effective functioning of your IT environment, how to keep records of your IT assets, whether to utilise cloud solutions and if so whether a private, public or hybrid cloud, etc
  • We design solutions to optimise your business processes using ERP/CRM and groupware systems suitable for driving your company forward.
  • In the digital age we live in, it is important that any serious company has an professional website. We can create such websites.
  • After agreement on kind of IT software to us, we will propose a specific software configuration for you which we will then install and configure according to your needs.
  • Training your staff to a suitable level. For example if your don't have any specialist IT staff, we'll adapt the training to make it suitable for a non-technical user level. If you do have specicial IT staff, then we will go into greater detail, however we can also do this even with non-technical staff if they are interested.
  • Our work doesn't have to end with installation and training - we can then take complete care of your infrastructure on your behalf. For example, if we install a monitoring system to monitor the health of your infrastructure, we can then staff this system ourselves. Even if your infrastructure or software was not originally supplied by us, after agreeing with you we can take over its management.
  • We offer solutions from Kopano and StorageCraft.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Expertise

    We are specialists in the complex world of software and have access to the experience of our whole team, so we have an higher level of expertise than any isolated IT staff member.
  • Openness

    Since we like to use open-source software where appropriate you need not worry about vendor lock-in where you're locked to a single software vendor even if this no longer fulfills your long-term needs.
  • Ideal for you

    We don't have a standard software configuration we apply to all customers, we always select the more suitable software, which we will then tailor for you.
  • Affordability

    Apart from commercial software, we offer open-source, an advantage of which is zero purchasing cost of the software itself. You pay only for services such as integration, maintenance, support and consultancy.

Want to know more?

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