IT Security

The threats of cyber attacks on your infrastructure or the loss of sensitive data has never been greater. Don't become a victim!

IT Security

What we offer

  • Cyber-security software and devices which secure your network from external attacks and protect your devices from viruses.
  • These systems are able to monitor network traffic so that you can control want kind of data is allowed in and out, including via the web and email.
  • Provision of a secure isolated wi-fi hotspot for you visitors through which they can access the Internet while protecting your internal network.
  • Secure connectivity to you remote systems.
  • High availability with the option of backup connectivity to the Internet.
  • Systems which protect your internal data from intentional and unintentional data leakage causes by internal staff.
  • We offer solutions from Endian and ESET.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Peace of mind

    Be confident that your company's IT infrastructure if secured against attacks and protected against data theft.
  • Central admin & monitoring

    The system's functionality is always under control via a simple interface and you can monitor unsuccessful attacks or attempts to leak data.
  • Always up-to-date

    All the systems are always maintained up-to-date in order to protect you from the latest threats.
  • Affordability

    Our solutions are often built on open-source software meaning that you don't need to worry about costly licensing.

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