ICT Infrastructure

Servers, storage arrays (NAS/SAN), switches, routers: the fundamental elements of ICT infrastructure continue to evolve and support new technological trends.

ICT Infrastructure

What we offer

  • Expert consultancy in architecture design and technology selection.
  • Delivery and installation of the chosen technology
  • We only offer technology which fulfil our criteria in the areas of performance, efficiency and suitability in the context of modern technical trends.
  • Subsequent monitoring, support and maintenance of the installed infrastructure.
  • Transformation of your ICT infrastructure so that it takes full advantage of virtualisation technology.
  • We offer solutions from Supermicro.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Suitability for you

    It is important for us that the solution we provide is ideally suitable for your needs. We do not provide a "one size fits all" solution which we try to apply to all customers irrespective of their specific needs.
  • Performance and efficiency

    We select technology which has high performance but is at the same time efficient, even if this means we have to search longer and beyond the big-brand vendors.
  • Future-proof

    We won't provide you with technology you'll have replace or upgrade in a year. We monitor technological evolution, therefore everything that we supply reflects modern trends and is resistant to rapid obsolescence.
  • Lowering costs

    You need not worry that we'll provide you with technnology that is significantly over-dimensioned for you needs and therefore unnecessarily expensive. We deliver technology with lower running costs.

Want to know more?

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