Flexible. Simple. Scalable. Hyperconvergence can simplify your IT and increase your company's efficiency.


What we offer

  • Hyperconverged systems where all you need for a small or large data centre is contained in one box.
  • We eliminate the need to solve your needs for servers, data storage and networking seperately.
  • Individual virtual servers are created using a web-based interface, data storage is created and attached using the same interface, and all servers are connected into a virtual network, again via a single unified graphical interface.
  • Since the whole system is completely integrated and created by a single vendor, it is very stable and robust.
  • Administration and maintanence of the servers is very simple, thereby enabling your IT staff to be dedicated to more strategic tasks than maintaining servers and disk arrays.
  • If you don't employ IT specialists - or if you do, but they are over-stretched - we can handle everything on your behalf.
  • Since all virtual servers feature automatic high availability and are self-healing with automatic failover, you business applications will run in a highly stable and high performance environment.
  • As you business grows it is very easy to scale up your hyperconverged infrastructure. You just add more hyperconvergence nodes and the new computing power and data capacity is automatically added to the existing virtual environment and ready for immediate use.
  • We offer solutions from Scale Computing and StorMagic.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Simplicity

    No need to solve servers, data storage and network seperately, everything is integrated into a single platform with easy administration.
  • High availability

    Hyperconverged nodes automatically connect together to form a cluster, thereby ensuring that your business application will continue to run even if a node goes down.
  • Scalability

    Hyperconvered nodes can easily be scaled as you need increasing compute or storage capacity. New nodes automatically connect into the virtual infrastructure.
  • Lower costs

    We offer hyperconverged systems based on open-source software, meaning that you don't have to maintain expensive licences. Neither do you need to worry about NAS/SAN.

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