July 2021

In July, as a certified partner of Kopano, we celebrated a small anniversary. We have been helping our business partners in the field of groupware solutions for 5 years. Kopano is constantly evolving, today it is a very sophisticated tool, which is also very simple and intuitive for both users and system administrators. A huge advantage of this solution is also many times lower financial demands compared to, for example, the most widespread groupware solution on the market from Microsoft. Kopano is not only cost-effective, but unlike the mentioned solution also multiplatform. Its deployment in companies is therefore independent of whether the company’s systems run on Microsoft OS or some Linux distribution. This is a solution that is not only considered by small and medium-sized companies, but also by companies that have at least dozens of users working online. Over the last 5 years, this software has undergone an evolution that brings Kopano closer and closer to those who need a reliable, user-friendly and inexpensive solution. If you are interested in this solution more, contact us by phone or at info@anodyne.cz, our specialists will be happy to advise and help you.