December 2020

A very unusual and difficult year is coming to an end. 2020 was in many ways different and more demanding than any previous one. We are all learning to respond to a situation that has never been here before, and we hope that everything will be managed so that the world is better, healthier and happier from next year. Although it sometimes seems that there has been only one topic for a long time, this is not the case. We are very happy that it is in these difficult times that it is shown how many great people there are still around us and we are grateful for that. We also thank our business partners for the great cooperation throughout 2020 and we believe that next year we will be able to meet again in person, not only in the online world. We wish everyone a peaceful Christmas, good health, happiness and well-being, and by 2021 a lot of vigor, health, success and good news. We look forward to further cooperation with our existing business partners as well as to new business challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.