April 2020

Currently, one major issue that is crucial for society as a whole is the situation associated with the spread of coronavirus. In accordance with Articles 5 and 6 of Constitutional Act No. 110/1998 Coll., On the Security of the Czech Republic, the Government of the Czech Republic declared a state of emergency for the territory of the Czech Republic due to a health threat in connection with proving the occurrence of coronavirus in the Czech Republic on 12 March 2020 . This pandemic has brought about a situation that not only the Czech Republic, but in fact the whole world has not seen. The whole situation is complicated, in many ways challenging, but we believe that we will certainly be able to handle it, and in the end we will all come out of it, perhaps even stronger and more humble than we have been so far. Our services are always available to you, of course in accordance with government regulations and to the extent that the current state allows. We believe that this month will be crucial for further development and that the whole situation will start to improve. We wish everyone good health, patience and physical and mental endurance at this time. Let’s hope that the next update will be about how we successfully managed this pandemic and return to normal life. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for each other, let’s help each other and manage everything.